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Agkistro (Greece) – A new important step for Remote project in Agkistro. In the greek site of Serres, where the DEMO 2 is in run to be developed, Horizon and Engie Eps have installed an hydrogen-based energy storage system built with its proprietary technology. On October 3, the equipment was presented in an official event organized by Horizon S.A. and attended by numerous representatives of greek authorities and of the technical and academic community. This plant is one of the first of that kind in Greece in which Horizon participates. The equipment is provided by Engie Eps Italia that enables Horizon to supply an energy independent agri-food processing unit, using part of the produced energy from the nearby Horizon owned hydroelectric plant, to produce hydrogen, which is then stored and used for power generation when needed.

The event was opened by the President and Ceo of Horizon, Despina Chatzigavriil, who presented the company and its activities to the attendees. Following, the Chief of the Cperi Department of Certh, which also participates in the Remote project, Spyridon Voutetakis, addressed greeting to the audience. Mr Voutetakis referred to the innovation of the Remote project, and he praized the owner of Horizon.

Horizon is a company specialised on Renewable energy sources (RES) as a means to satisfy part of the energy demand in a more sustainable way. Engie Eps operates in the sustainable energy sector, with a specialisation in storage solutions and micro-grids, enabling intermittent renewable sources to be transformed into a stable power source.

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Horizon unveils the Demo 2 in Agkistro, provided by Engie Eps
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