Project title: REMOTE @ La Aldea 2.0 (REAL2.0)

Project duration: July 2022 – July 2023 

Partners: Politecnico di Torino (Project promoter), NESOI (Sinloc and Circe, technical support), ITC (technical consultancy advisor)

Project Description:

The project REAL2.0 is a project financed by the European Islands Facility NESOI ( The NESOI goal is to unlock the potential of EU islands to become the locomotives of European Energy Transition by mobilising more than 100 M€ of investment in sustainable energy projects to an audience of 2.400 inhabited EU islands and give the opportunity to test innovative energy technologies and approaches in a cost-competitive way.

The aim of the REAL2.0 is to perform a techno-economic feasibility analysis to assess the capability of local renewables together with hydrogen-based devices to cover both electrical loads (H2 for storage) and green fuel (H2 for mobility) demand for local mobility in Gran Canaria island. More specifically, the main interests rely in the opportunity to analyse the extension of the scope of the REMOTE project, (i.e., satisfying the electrical demand of a cattle farm in La Aldea) towards the usage of local renewables (solar and wind) together with hydrogen-based devices to cover also the demand for green local transport. In the analysis it is considered a small fleet of fuel cell buses to connect La Aldea the capital city of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as renewable mobility solution.

Project activities:

The following activities are developed within the project:

  • Technical analysis of the solution: from background analysis to the evaluation of the technological solution and techno-economic analysis
  • Market analysis: from data collection to business plan
  • Financial analysis: economic and financial planning with identification of potential financing options
  • Benchmarking with authorities: consulting of local regulations and plan for energy and mobility