The international partnership heading REMOTE involves:

Grupo Capisa
Grupo Capisa iGrupo Capisas a business union of Canarian capital dedicated to the agribusiness sector and the commercialization of feed and raw materials for animal feed, meat products and cereals, and flours intended for human consumption. Founded in 2014, Grupo Capisa is, essentially, a managerial, administrative and managerial structure created to optimize resources, production and quality for a group of companies with the same shareholding, but with their own personality and objectives.

ITC Canariasitc canarias
The Canary Islands Institute of Technology

(ITC) is attached to the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Canary Islands Government. The main objectives of ITC’s Renewable Energy Department are to promote the implementation of renewable energy systems in the Canary Islands and to encourage the industrial development of the Canary Islands in the fields of renewable energies.

Inycom is a Spanish company founded in 1982 and headquartered in Zaragoza. Currently, it has more than 10 locations in Spain and offices in Brussels and Latin America. The business is focused on providing high value-added technology solutions and services based on innovation. The company has experience in the development of projects in a wide range of sectors, including: Environment, Energy and Sustainable Transport; Telecommunications; Automotive and other manufacturing industries; Agri-food; Public administration; Banking and insurance; Retail and services; Health. In addition, Inycom has different certifications relative to continuous improvement such as: Quality certifications (ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1), Excellence Awards and Project management certifications, including ITIL, SCRUM and PMP staff.

ballard logoBallard Power Systems Europe – DENMARK –  is a developer and manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cellproducts for markets such as heavy-duty motive (consisting of bus and tram applications), portable power, material handling as well as technology solutions including engineering services. Ballard has designed and shipped over 400 MW of fuel cell products to date.


hydrogenicsHydrogenics Europe – BELGIUM – is the worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing, building and installing industrial and commercial Hydrogen generation, Hydrogen fuel cells and MW-scale energy storage solutions. While our leadership comes from our technology, our success is the result of one essential ingredient – the human one. It’s our people, our engineers, our experts who are accelerating a global “power shift” to a cleaner energy future.


PowidianPowidian – FRANCE –  develops, installs and maintains intelligent autonomous energy stations that provide electricity at all times at the best possible cost, without pollution.

Thanks to a patented open architecture, each station is optimised for your own needs based on your constraints. They are modular to allow a wide choice of configurations. Any source of renewable energy can be managed as well as the different forms of short term and long term storage. Our stations are controlled by advanced software that ensures reliability, long life and a secure remote management.

Politecnico di Torino – ITALY -, Department of Energy “Galileo Ferraris”, STEPS – Synergies of Thermo-chemical and Electro-chemical Power Systems –

is a research group part of the Energy Department of Politecnico di Torino, focusing his research on thermo-chemical and electrochemical processes

for hydrogen and synthetic fuels generation from renewable energy, CO2 recycle and SOFC systems. STEPS group is involved in international and                 

national research projects and collaborations.




Tronderenergi – NORWAY – is a regional utility located in Mid-Norway and strives to create value through renewable production and distribution of energy for the benefit of the region. Annual sales of approximately NOK 1.7 billion and employs around 450 people. TrønderEnergy Kraft AS has 77 years of experience and 70 employees. Responsible for power generation of 3,5 TWh each year.

SINTEF – NORWAY –  is one of the largest independent contract research organizations in Europe with about 2100 employees. It is a multidisciplinary organization with over 90 % of the income from commissions from industry and public administration and from project funding. SINTEF Industry (SI) works closely with industry in the development of advanced materials, products, processes and new tools, and seeks out new, environmentally friendly processing methods that will increase productivity and raise quality standards. The department of Sustainable Energy Technology is involved in multiple projects related to hydrogen technology and new energy solutions. SINTEF


certh logo

PSDI laboratory is a key laboratory of the Chemical Process Engineering and Energy Resources Institute (CPERI) which is part of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) located in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The group mainly targets focused research and industrial projects in the area of modeling, design, optimization and control of chemical and energy conversion processes. LPSDI has developed expertise in the design, construction and automation of chemical and power production pilot plants through numerous industrial projects.


Orizwn Anonymh Techniki Etaireia – GREECE – was established in 10.04.1992 with constitutive objective:
– to conduct research, studies, construction and operation of energy investments in the field of Renewable Energy:
– to be shareholder in companies for the design, licensing, construction, operation and exploitation of hydropower plants;
– to undertake planning, implementation and exploitation of projects for environmental protection and construction, marketing and installation of machinery for environmental protection and energy saving.

The management of the company soon realised the importance of the renewable Energy Sources (RES) and the need to satisfy part of the energy demand in a more sustainable way. With this vision, the company has been working since 1992, on the design and the construction of hydropower plants. The development of such projects has been the main focus for the last 22 years, during which, the company gained considerable experience in all types of projects in this sector, manifested optimum techniques and methods, and developed telemonitoring applications. The company has recently turned to more forms of renewable energy sources. It has built a solar farm in Leukothea village, in Serres region. Furthermore, it intends to invest in the biomass sector, in which it has already received two licenses in places around the region of Serres. The company also provides consultation services to interested investors, which involves the preparation of all required studies for investments in energy production or energy saving projects, and energy upgrades of public and private buildings.