on May 25, 2018 the European Union Regulation no. 679/2016 for the protection of personal data (also known as “GDPR”), in order to meet the requirements of the GDPR, we wish to inform you that you might receive informations and other communications from the Politecnico di Torino linked to the REMOTE project or similar topics, unless you prefer to cancel your subscription to mailing list and other REMOTE channels.

We inform you that we will use your email address exclusively to send you news relating to the activities of REMOTE project, without transferring them to third parties.

The data you provide will be processed by the Politecnico di Torino, using computerized methods, for the sole purpose of providing the service requested and, therefore, will be kept exclusively for the period in which it will be active.

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Finally, we point out that you can find the complete information on the Politecnico di Torino website at: https://www.polito.it/privacy/.

For information and clarifications it is possible to write to: privacy@polito.it

Thanks for your attention

The REMOTE Dissemination Team