Dublin Euro Conference 2019

A team of SINTEF researchers and professionals active in the development of the REMOTE Project take part to Dublin Euro Conference 2019, held in Ireland from June 23 to 26 2019.

The focus of the conference is on operations research. The SINTEF team will present its work on hydrogen-energy system optimisation model” (HyOpt) applied to REMOTE microgrids, with particular reference to the methodology used for the project’s business model.

The presentation on “Business Cases for Remote Micro-Grids and Off-Grids with Hydrogen-Based Technologies“, is part of the session “TB-48: Energy Production and Distribution I” and takes place on Tuesday 25th June 2019 – 10:30-12:00.

Discover more about the conference browsing the website and Download the REMOTE presentation at Euro 2019 Dublin by SINTEF.

Dublin Euro Conference 2019
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